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Time 9:00 am CET – 4:00 PM CET

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This Group is The Elite. It is the Highest in Transforming your Business with the Spiritually Guided System.

This Will Be The Greatest Mastermind You Have Ever Attended

Emily Busey Hill | Radically Minded Relationship Coach, America

Working with Esther was such a beautiful experience. I am facing a very challenging schedule right now and I have some “important not urgent” goals and dreams that I was considering shelving. With her I was able to change my mind and give those goals space in my life, just enough to keep them going over the long run. It was fascinating to work with her because she overflows with love and has a very gentle manner, yet I came away from our time together throughly convinced of the necessity to put her suggestions for self-care and dream-making into place. Last night I followed through on the dream making goal commitment. It took less than an hour but I was surprised at the immediate good results and the emotional reward. I am looking forward to working with Esther more soon!

Avril Jones | Bikini Athlete, Bodybuilding Coach - Bikini & Physique

I used to sometimes have night terrors.. I spoke to Esther and she did a reading for me via Zoom. The reading that she did was amazing, she really helped me to overcome some blocks and see things in a different way! Esther helped me to release some previous issues and helped me to find ways of interrupting habits and behavioural patterns that I had during the night when I woke from dreaming. Esther was so helpful and her reading was incredibly detailed, accurate and actually really enlightening. I felt as though a weight had been lifted once I had spoken with Esther and I had been given some closure and release of negative energies and blocks. Thank you Esther x

Elite group. Highest preformers

Owner Boukje Bredenhof | Therapie & Coaching

In the mastermind you learn from each other, I was also here to learn from other people. In the mastermind there was a lot of love and engagement from Esther. She is so clear, bright and pure. Really engaged to you, really attentive. Truly valuable!

Hettie van der Burgh | Volunteer masseur cancer patients

Esther is highly spiritual and far developed in her spirituality. With compassion she is honest to you and treat with you with respect, she is sweet, patient and leaves everyone in his and her value.

Why Do You Need This Mastermind?
And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

Jendayi spiritually practices

Can you imagine what it will feel like if your practice is successful and thriving?

The result you will achieve is to learn how to make your business a success and you can start immediately. You feel grounded and secure. You know exactly what you need for yourself and your business.

Jendayi spiritually practices

You think that this mastermind is going to be expensive and will take too much of your time?

Of the 12 techniques you will learn here, 2 or 3 techniques which are so valuable that they can make you a lot of money and save you a lot of time. It will double or triple your time and money. You can even use the tools on your clients, to help them with their problems. So you can use the tools over and over again making them more and more worthwhile.

Jendayi spiritually practices

What happens after the mastermind for you?

During the mastermind, you meet new people who you can bond with. Together, you can come up with million dollar ideas which you can use in your business, and help each other. Become lifelong friends long after the mastermind is over. You might have moments of epiphany that improve your business immediately. You receive tools and techniques for yourself and your clients. So you progress and innovate any and every time. These techniques are durable. So you can be in charge of your own growth and company and experience peacefulness and happiness.

Jendayi spiritually practices

Can you imagine that?

What your real core is and what your spiritual highest self is. So in this mastermind I use this in the form of the spiritual clarity system. That’s why I wrote this mastermind: Transform your business, with this innovative spiritually angel-guided clarity system to unlocking purposeful growth.

Jendayi spiritually practices

Take notice!

The only thing that is left is, how you’re going to get there. You’re going to want to learn from someone at the highest level and I’d like it to be me… Know that this mastermind offer is available only for a short time.

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